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Grand Lake Golf Course Fire update: 00:15 June 26th

The Grand Lake Golf Course fire is currently at 20-25 acres and is being monitored through the evening by roving fire crews to make sure that no sparks ignite additional fires along the perimeter. Firefighting crews will attack the fire first thing in the morning with the assistance of hot shot resources and another attack helicopter. No homes have been damaged and no injuries have occurred in Grand Lake or within the county that can be associated with the fire. There were two instances of smoke inhalation issues which were treated by Grand County EMS on scene but no transports.

Grand County Sheriff’s Office is currently patrolling the area to make sure that resident homes are safe and secure. There will be a community briefing at 09:00 at the Grand Lake Center located at 301 Marina Drive. There will be updates on the status of the fire, the impact to Grand Lake as well as any information on the possible re-entry of residents to their homes.

Approximately 2 dozen residents sought shelter within the Grand Lake Center through assistance with the American Red Cross. There were some residents that set up camp outside of the shelter with their own equipment. The shelter will remain open through the evening and into the weekend if necessary.